Terms and Conditions

"Letting/ Rentals"


In business there are always rules and regulations and also unfortunately when reserving a holiday apartment. An initiated reservation from the guest, accepted by the lessor/landlord, creates a contractual relationship between the two parties. 


Formation of a contract


A rental contract is created with a booking of the apartment by the lessee/renter, a confirmation by the lessor/landlord, and a confirmed reservation booking by the lessee/renter. 


Arrivals/ Departures


The holiday apartment is available to the guest on the day of arrival starting at 3 pm and on the day of departure until 10:30 am. If arrival will be prior to 3 pm or after 6 pm, please inform the lessors/landlords in advance. A departure after 10:30 is possible only after speaking with and having agreement by the lessor/landlord. The lessor/landlord is not required to agree to a later departure time. In the case of a late departure without permission from the lessor/landlord, the lessor/landlord has the right to charge the guest an entire night's fee for a full additional day. 


Holiday Apatment Handover


The lodgings will be transferred in a clean and proper condition. 

A walk through of the apartment by the guest before possession allows the guest to note the condition of the apartment. The lessee/renter is asked to leave the apartment in the following condition upon leaving:  duvet sheets pulled, all trash organized into paper, yellow sack (plastics and Grüner Punkt), rubbish and compost separated and disposed of, dishes cleaned, and the kitchen cleaned. 

The guest is required to handle the apartment and its inventory with care. The guest is required to replace or compensate for any damage done to the apartment or its contents during their stay. This applies also to any damages created by accompanying guests or house pets. The guest is required to show and inform the lessor/landlord of any damages or missing items. If no report is made, all damages resulting from the non-disclosure of aforementioned damages or missing items must also be compensated by the guest. 

If during the final cleaning any stains or soilings are found in the apartment that go beyond normal amounts (especially from a disregard of the smoking ban) and an additional special cleaning is made necessary in addition to the final cleaning, any additional costs that incur will be subsequently sent per invoice to the lessor/tenant. The tenant is liable for any damages created and also for the time in which the holiday apartment cannot be further rented (until damages are repaired).


Cancellation Fees


 We reserve the right to charge the following cancellation fees:

   0% of the entire rental price with a cancellation up to 30 days prior to arrival

  80% of the entire rental price with  a cancellation up to 3 days prior to arrival

 100% of the rental price with a short term cancellation


We recommend that guests take out a travel cancellation insurance policy when they reserve their holiday apartment. This policy protects against financial burden when one is confronted with an unexpected life event (for example: illness, death, serious accident, pregnancy with complications, serious damage to property due to fire, acts of nature, willful criminal events of a third party, unexpected and unwanted unemployment of the insured, unexpected call to national service or to a defense exercise) which would make the trip entirely impossible or require it to be shortened. 


Placce of Jurisdiction


The place of jurisdiction is also the place of business, therefore the location of the holiday apartment. In this case it would be the Amtsgericht Cochem (County Court Cochem). Payment obligations are to be paid in advance, latest on the day of arrival, and the agreed upon rental price can be paid by bank transfer in advance. 


Severability Clause


Should one or any of the provisions in these terms and conditions become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid provision is to be replaced by a valid one closest to the commercial intent of the invalid provision.