Three Heads • Two Generations • One Winery


...there is no better way to describe us.

We are Elke, Elmar and Nico Simonis and together we are the 5th generation to lead our winery


What distinguishes us?

3 people of two generations share a common goal:

the love of wine. 


How does that work?

Respect for one another, a connection to nature, and the appreciation of life’s pleasures create the foundation of our common work.



 Freely adapted from John Ernst Steinbeck


 "The younger generation is the arrow and the older generation the bow"













Viticulture, this means for us a love of nature, joy in working with the vines, and the pleasure of enjoying good wine and food. In our hi-tech world, work done truly by hand is seldom and this makes our products unique creations. 






We work the land in unison with nature on a 3 hectare vineyard in Pünderich on the Mittelmosel (Middle Moselle region). After a selective handpicking process, the grapes are gently pressed and mature into delicate wines and sparkling wines. 






The queen of the vines, Riesling, is planted on our steepest vineyard slopes. We give these vineyards our most special attention. 

The Riesling is accompanied by the grape varieties Rivaner and Weißer Burgunder (Pinot Blanc).






Our wine assortment is complete with the grape varieties Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) und Dornfelder; our red and rosé wines. All red wines are produced with our classic must fermentation and mature in wood barrels and barrique barrels made of oak. 





Our sparkling wine is created in bottles in our winery using the methode de champenoise. 


All wine connoisseurs and those who would like to become one are cordially welcomed to our winery.

We are happy to meet with and spend time with you. 


Elke, Elmar und Nico Simonis